Paul Scheerbart

September 30th 2012 – November 30th 2012
Opening: September 30th, 6pm

The exhibition «Jenseits-Galerie» presents a portofolio of drawings from 1907 by the poet Paul Scheerbart (*1863). The ten lithographs illustrate his fantastic ideas of living planets beneath the «Neptunsbahn».

Paul Scheerbart began studies of philosophy and history of art in 1885. In 1887 he worked as a poet in Berlin and tried to invent the Perpetual motion machines. In 1892 he was one of the joint founders of the Verlag deutscher Phantasten (Publishers of German Fantasists). After writing in different publications he produced his first novel 'Die große Revolution' (The Great Revolution), which was published by the Insel-Verlag. The young Ernst Rowohlt published Scheerbart's bizarre poem collection Katerpoesie and became his friend. Scheerbart's fantasty essays about glass architecture influenced architects at that time, including the young Bruno Taut. Scheerbart was also an important influence on Walter Benjamin who quoted his ideas on glass in his Arcades Project.