Lorenzo Bernet & Yannic Joray
at Kunsthalle Palazzo Liestal

4. February – 18. March 2012
opening: friday 3. february, 6pm

6.30 pm talk by Prof. Dr. Philip Ursprung, ETH Zürich

For the exhibition in the Kunsthalle Palazzo Liestal, Lorenzo Bernet and Yannic Joray produced an edition of furniture which discusses the idea of a contemporary studiolo: the coincidence of a study room, a studio and an exhibition space. As a tool for work and exhibition design, the furniture becomes useable in many ways and becomes part of the permanent inventory of the STUDIOLO. In their recent collaborative work, Bernet and Joray are focusing on the work ethic and the credo of innovation underlying the methods of the so–called creative industries: Part of their artistic practice is a design survey about the studio environment and its visible influence on workflow and final outcome. By applying the working process itself as an image motive, their sculptural work offers a potential prototypical model to enhance the working process of others. Following the adaptive idea of the furniture edition, the produced works are presented in the format of an exhibition at the Kunsthalle Palazzo Liestal. Extended by pictorial and sculptural objects coated by oat flakes, the works suggest a generic and landscaped environment. Like spatially planned squares, plexes and passages, they structure a blurry landscape of labor and leisure.