STUDIOLO strives to confront artistic production with it‘s reception. Following and reinterpretating the Renaissance con- cept of a space where active studying is linked with exhibition making. Formerly used by a sculptress the private modernist studio house is turned into a place of public communication. The open desk, the library, the artifacts and temporal marks pass on into an exhibition space. Readings, discussions and ephemeral happenings reactivate the house and redefine it‘s purpose which is under constant debate.

The house was designed by the Swiss postwar architect Georg Gisel and served as a studio for the sculptress Marianne Olsen. After completing her PhD in physics at the University of Oxford she started as a sculpturess looking for new ways to express her interests. Starting with figurative works inspired by contemporaries like Germaine Richier she eventually eman-
cipated her approach from traditional ideas. She produced Xerographies and ephemeral objects using non-artistic material. Today she opens her studio to the next generation.

The STUDIOLO is now open as a studio and a place of production in various forms.